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CS-in Science Centre tlawh


Mizoram chief secretary, Mizoram Science Centre chairman ni bawk Lalnunnmawia Chuango chuan November 30 khan Berawtlang-a Science Centre a tlawh.

Mizoram Science Centre hi Directorate of Science & Technology hnuaia autonomous institution a ni a. Chief secretary hian Science Gallery-a phochhuah thil (exhibits) hrang hrangte, 3D theatre leh Digital Planetarium leh Innovation Hub te tlawhin an hmalak dan a enpui. Mizoram Science Centre-ah hian zirlaite leh mipui mimir tan intihhlimna ni pahfawma science lam hawi zirtirna pe thei thil chi hrang hrang a awm a. Heng gallery leh exhibits hmang hian tlawhtu mipui leh naupangte hnena science pawimawhna leh chawilarna kawngah hna a thawk thin a ni.

Tun dinhmunah Covid-19 hrileng vangin tlawh theih a ni rih lo nachungin, Science Centre-a thawktuten kawng hrang hrangin a tihphuisui hna an thawk reng a ni.

Chief secretary chuan Mizoram Science Centre-in kawng hrang hranga hma a sawn theih nan sawrkarin theihtawp a chhuah zel tur thu sawiin, a thawktuten naupangte rilru ngaihtuahnaa thil awmte haichhuahna kawnga an lo pui thin chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a, phur tak leh thahnemngai taka thawk zel turin a fuih. Zanlamah entlang (astronomical telescope) hmangin chief secretary hoin van lam an thlir ho a ni.

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