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Dan loa khaw dinte thiah tum


Lungsen Group YMA chuan a huamchhunga dan loa khaw dinte thiah a nih theih nan chak zawka hma lak a tum.

Lunglei district huamchhunga awm, YMA Branch 11 awmna Lungsen Group YMA hian Thawhlehni khan rorel inkhawm vawi 30-na a nei a. An thurel zingah Lungsen Group YMA huamchhung leh khawthlang lama dan loa Chakma khaw din tam lutuk chu tha lo an tih thu leh ngaimawhawm an tih thu sawiin, Group YMA-in chak zawkin hma la rawh se, an ti.

Thudawn danin, Lungsen Group YMA huamchhungah hian dan loa khaw din pathum a awm mek. Thurel dang zingah Lungsen Group YMA huamchhunga sawrkar hmalakna hrang hrang awm chu uluk taka enpuia vil ve thin nise, an ti bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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