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Dawhkan kila remthu sawi tum


Aizawl, August 2 : Chawlhni, August ni 1 khan union home minister Amit Shah-a’n Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga leh Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma te a bia a, phone hmanga biain, dawhkan kila remthu sawi ni se tiin a rawtpui.

Chief minister pahnihte hian he rawtna hi an pawm ve ve a, remna zawnga inbiak an remtih thu hi an sawi ve ve.

‘Union home minister leh Assam chief minister te nen telephone hmangin kan inbia a, Mizoram-Assam ramri chungchang hi inbiakna hmanga chinfel ni se kan ti,’ tiin chief minister Zoramthanga chuan instagram-ah a post.

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma pawhin twitter-ah phone hmanga an inbiak thu hi a sawi a, ramri chungchanga tun hnaia thil thleng chu state pahnih tan pawm chi a ni lo ve ve tia sawiin, inbiak a tul thu a sawi.

Amit Shah-a hova an inbiak hnuah Assam chief minister hian Supreme Court-a kal a tum thu a la sawi tho a, thuthar lakhawmtute hnenah ramri chungchanga inrem lohna a tawp theih nan Supreme Court-a kal a tum thu hi a sawi.

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