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Dawrpui inkhar, Durtlang damdawi in inkhar


Tunlai hrileng mekah Dawrpui Veng chuan Thawhtanni atanga August ni 21 thlengin an vengah dawr inhawn an phal lo a, veng mite pawh intlawhpawh lo turin an ti. Dawrpui inkhar chhan nena inzawmin tlai lamah Synod Hospital, Durtlang an inkhar ve bawk.

“Kan vengah contact tracing neih lai a awm avangin tumah chhuah phal a ni lo a. Inlenpawh loh bawk tur a ni,” tiin Dawrpui LLTF chuan thu an chhuah a, contact tracing neih a nihna hian Synod Hospital a kangkai tih thu dawn a ni.

Dawrpui pheia dawr pakhata thawk mi pakhat chu Covid-19 natna a vei tih hriatchhuah a ni a, ani hi tun hnaia he natna vei hriachhuah police te chenna venga mi a ni.

Contact tracing tih nghal a ni a, Dawrpuia dawr pakhata thawk, positive hriatchhuah thar thian pakhat chuan Synod Hospital-ah dam lo a lo riahpui tih hriatchhuah a ni a, Thawhtanni tlai dar 5 atang khan Synod Hospital chuan dam lo admit leh inentir te an chawlhsan nghal.

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