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Delhi CM Keriwal-a’n Centre chet lak dan sawisel


Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal chuan Centre chu West Bengal administration-ah dan kalhin a inrawlh tia sawiin police officer te sawn tumna chu federalism beihna tiin a sawi.

Bengal-a TMC sorkar chuan Centre-in IPS officer pathum lai BJP chief J.P. Nadda an tun hnaia West Bengal a tlawhnaa a security a inhnamhnawih te West Bengal atanga sawn chhuah a tumna chu an duh lo hle.

“Centre-in huangtau taka Bengal administration a inrawlha tumna hi ka dem tak zet a. State rights pawisa lova inthlan dawn ruaia police officer-a sawn hi federalism beihna leh tihngheh loh tumna a ni” tiin Kejriwal chuan a sawi a ni.

Heng IPS officer pathumte hi Nadda security a mawhphurhtute an ni a, Nadda convoy te chuan beih an tawh avangin Centre chuan an pathumin an mawhphurhna ngaihthah tiin a sawn a ni.

West Bengal Chief Minister chuan Centre chet lak dan chu federal structure bulthut beihna tiin a sawi sel a, constitution kalh a ni a, pawm theih loh a ni, tiin a sawi bawk.

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