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Demi leh Max ten an inhualna an titawp


Demi Lovato leh Max Ehrich te chu thla hnih an inhual hman awrh tihah an in-break leh ta daih mai.

Demi Lovato, kum 28, leh Max, kum 29, te hian an inhualna an tihtawp chhanah hian an hmalam hun atana insawrbing rih an duh vang niin an sawi, an inkarah midang an tlakzeh vang emaw, an intihthiam loh vang emaw lam a ni lo va, an eizawnna lama insawrbing rih an duh vang a nih hmel ta ber a ni.

Demi leh Max te hian May ni 7 khan an an inzui tih an puang a, Justin Bieber leh Ariana Grande music video ‘Stuck With U’ ah an inlan dun a, September ni 7 khan an thla ruk inkawp champha te an lawm zo chauh a, tunah erawh mahni seh seh mual hranah tiin thu thar an nei leh ta si a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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