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District 2-ah Nghafuan ven khap


Aizawl leh Lawngtlai district-ah district thuneituten ‘Nghafuan ven’ an khap a, dan anga phalna lak a nih chauh loh chuan lui leh dil sanghate pawh bomb, chinai, khawl leh tur lam chia man an khap bawk. Hetiang hian Serchhip district-ah pawh khap a lo ni tawh.

Heng district-a Nghafuan ven khap chhan hi sangha pung tur a tihbuai theih vang nia sawi niin, hmanraw dang tarlan hmanga luia sangha man khap a nih chhan hi tul loa luia nungchate man leh tul loa suat a nih loh nan, tih a ni a. Aizawl district magistrate thuchhuakah chuan len leh nghakuaia luia sangha man pawh khap a ni tih a tarlang.

Khapna dan tlawhchhan hnuaia dan bawhchhia chu thla ruk thleng lung in tantir emaw Rs. 2500 thleng chawitir emaw, heng hremna chi hnih inkawp pawh hian hrem theih a ni tih a tarlang bawk.

Lawngtlai district-a thupek chhuahah hian, thupek chhuah ni atanga thla hnih chhung a huam tur thu leh a bawhchhiate chu IPC section 188-na hmanga hrem an nih tur thu a chuang a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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