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District Treasury Office hawng


State priority project kaltlanga cheng nuai 142.00 senga sak District Treasury Office building, Champhai Vengthar chu Ningani khan minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan a hawng.

District Treasury Office hi RCC building, Zopa chhiara chhawng hnih niin, square metre 407-a zau a thut a. 2018 October 4-a sak tan niin, 2019 November 14 khan zawh fel a ni. Architecture Cell PWD leh Design Cell PWD kutchhuak a ni.

Treasury Office hi Champhaiah kum 1981 khan Sub Treasury Office tia bul tan a ni a. Kum 2007 atang khan District Treasury Office-a hlankai niin CHANEM building an luah thin a ni. Tun dinhmunah hian pensioners mi 1460 an hnuaiah an inziaklut mek a, DDO 65 vel hnuaia thawktuten an ni kaltlang hian hlawh an la mek a ni.

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