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Doctor-ten Covid nihphung hriat har an ti


Zirchianna atanga Covid-19 hnathawh danah he hri nihphung hriat har an tih thu leh ngaihdan nghet neih har an tih thu mithiamte chuan an sawi.

Health & Family Welfare minister Dr R. Lalthangliana hoin thiamna bik nei doctor-ten Mizorama Covid-19 positive case chungchang an sawi ho a. Thutkhawmah hian khawvel hmun hrang hranga zirchianna atanga Covid-19 hri hnathawh dan sawi a ni a. He natna hi natna thar a nih avangin a nihphung hriat a har thu leh ngaihdan nghet tak siam a harsat thin thute sawi a ni.

Mizorama Covid-19 kaite dinhmun pawh sawi niin, Covid-19 kaite damdawi ina enkawl an nih dan sawi a ni. Hri kai enkawlte damdawi in atanga chhuahtir dan tur pawh ngaihdan hrang hrang thawhkhawm a ni a. Mizorama hman tur Discharged Policy mumal tak neih tha an ti a, hemi ngaihtuah tur Committee din nghalin, vawiin – September 11 hian thukhawm nghal tura tih an ni.

Committee din thar hian khawvel hmun hrang hranga Covid-19 kaite an enkawl dan kalphung an zir dawn bakah Mizorama Covid case nihphung an zirchiang anga, Mizoram tana him thei ang ber turin ruahmanna an siam dawn a ni.

He Committee ah hian public health professionals, microbiologists, physicians, university professors leh hetiang lama thiamna bik neite an tel a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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