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Driver kut thlaktute manchhuah phut


Thisen chhuak khawpa Mizo tanker driver kut thlaktu hnamdang Vaite a rang thei ang bera man chhuak tura Mizoram Oil Tanker’s Driver Association-in Mizoram sawrkar a phut chu an thlawp tlat tih MPC Thalai chuan an sawi.

Thuchhuah siamin MPC Thalai Gen.Hqrs chuan Mizoramah phalna neia hnamdang, hnathawh hrang hrang neiten ngaihngam taka hna an thawh zel theih nan, a bikin thenawm state Vaihote Mizote chunga kutram fo tawh lo turin a chah tih sawiin, ‘Tunhnuah pawisawilo Mizote chungah thisen chhuak khawpa kutthlak tawh lo turin kan chah a. Hetiang thil hi a thleng leh a nih chuan MPC Thalai chuan kan tih tur dik tak kan ti ve dawn a ni,’ a ti.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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