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Ducati Panigale V2


India-ah an hralh chhuah thar tur Ducati Panigale V2 hian Ducati 959 Panigale a rawn thlak dawn a, kuminah tlangzarh hman an tum. India-a a man tur hi an la puang lo nain Rs 16,00,000 vel a nih a rinawm. Rawng chi hrang hrang Whte Rosso (Red) colour scheme leh all-red colour bakah White Rosso Livery a awm. White Rosso Livery hian Start White Silk chu a primary colour-ah neiin, a rims-ah Ducati dang ang bawkin Ducati Red a nei a, front air intake leh a half-fairing chunglam deflector-ah te a nei bawk. Hei bakah hian Read More>>

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