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Duhoma’n bang turin a rilru siam fel tawh


CM-in hmanhmawh taka a nawr vangah a ngai

Aizawl, September 24 : Serchhip bialtu Lalduhoma chuan bang turin a rilru a siam fel tawh tih a sawi a, speaker-in a bantir ngei ang tia sawiin, thil a chiang vek alawm, a ti.

Independent ticket-a thlantlin Lalduhoma hi ZPM thiltihah te a tel a, dan a bawhchhia tiin MNF MLA 10 te’n bantir turin speaker an ngen a, September ni 22 khan lehkha an thehlut a ni.

“Min bantir ka ring. Political desicion a ni a, speaker hian a dodal ngam lo ang. Min disqualify ang tih hi a chiang,” tiin The Aizawl Post a hrilh.

Bang tura a rilru a siam fel tawh thu a sawi a, a kal zel dan tur pawh a tihfel thu sawiin, “Court-ah kan kal mai ang chu,” tiin court-a kal tura thu a tihtluk tawh thu a sawi.

“Court-a kal mai loh chu keini tan tih theih a awm hlei nem,” a ti a, court-ah hian a chak ngei a rin thu a sawi bawk.

Duhoma chuan an bantir a rin thu sawi nawnin, a ban theih nan MNF-in chhuanlam an zawng reng a, an tumna a rei tawh niin a sawi a, chief minister-in hmanhmawh turin a nawr niin a sawi bawk.

“An tumna a rei tawh a, chhuanlam an zawng reng a. Chief minister hian a duh hmanhmawh em a, a nawr ta a,” tiin bang tura speaker ngentute chungchang a sawi.

Dan bawhchhiat a nei lo niin a sawi a, independent ticket-a dinga tling ni mah se ZPM thiltihah a tel thei niin a sawi. ZPM thiltiha a tel hian dan a bawhchhia tihna a ni lo, a ti.

“Party activity-ah chuan kan tel ang chu, kan tel thei alawm. Minister pawh kan ni thei vek,” a ti a, ZPM thiltiha a tel hian dan a bawhchhe lo niin a sawi.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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