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Eichawp zawngte pui turin sawrkar ngen


Covid-19 leng laka himna atana lockdown leh containment leh thildang avanga nitina eichawp zawngte harsatna sutkian dan a puihna lamah sawrkarin ruahmanna siamsak tura ngenna chu larsap hnenah Congress |halai-in an thehlut.

Ningania Mizoram larsap hnenah ziaka an thu thlenah hian Congress |halai Hqrs. chuan, hrileng vanga lockdown, containment etc avanga Mizorama nitina eichawp zawng, kuthnathawktute, lirtheia eizawngte, sumdawngte harsatna tawh mek chu a nasat lutuk tawh avangin Mizoram sawrkarin ruahmanna siamsak turin an ngen.

‘Kut hnathawk/ nitin eichawp zawngte tan hian Krismas hmain ni 15 hlawh ang hu tal Rs. 7500 in tanpui rawh se; lirtheia eizawng, loan rul mekte tan an loan rulh lai thla khat installment hu tal sawrkarin tumsak rawh se; commercial vehicle-ten Transport Department-a chhiah an chawi hi 50% tal awlsak rawh se; sumdawngte an inhawn hleih theih loh avanga nasa taka hloh mekte tan dawr luah man thla hnih tal tumsak rawh se; mi hnuaia lirthei khalha inhlawhfate hnenah ni 15 chhung inhlawhna Rs. 7500 pe rawh se,’ tih te a ni. Congress |halai hian an ngenna hi chief minister hnenah pawh an thehlut a ni.

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