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Electric current-in naupang man


September 22 chawhma dar 11.30 vel khan Lalhriatpuii (12) d/o Zotinthanga, Mamit Venghlun chu electric hruipui (11kV) a current kalin a man a, Mamit District Hospital-ah enkawl mek a ni.

Thudawn danin Lalhriatpuii-te unau hian Mamit Hmunsam Vengah mautuai an zuar a, an thil zawrhna in, R Vanlalsiama (L) te ina an zawrh hnuin an in chungah an lawn chho a, in chung hnai taka electric hrui lian (11kV line) kal chuan a man ta a ni. Lalhriatpuii hi current-in a man hian in chungah a tlu a, electric tih tawp a nih hnuah Mamit District Hospital panpui nghal a ni a, a dinhmun a ziaawm nia hriat a ni.

Helaia electric hruipui kal hian Vai pakhat a lo man tawh bawk a, a ni hi chu a thi tih thudawnna hian a sawi a. He hruipui hi in neitute tan pawh a him loh vanga sawn tura tih, tun thlenga la sawn loh a nih thu Mamit Joint VC chairman H. Rodingluaia chuan a sawi.

Power & Electricity Department chuan sawn tur hian hmalakna kalpui mek a nih thu leh sawn an tum dan a hautak deuh avanga la tih mai theih a nih loh thu an sawi a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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