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Elvis Presley hla sa rei record a siam


Norwegian artist Kjell Bjornestad, kum 52, hi Elvis Presley lema chang a, a tihdan te zirthiam tak a ni a, a hminglemah pawh Kjell Elvis an tih ve ngat a ni. Tichuan, Kjell chuan Elvis Presley hla darkar 50, minute 50 leh second 50 chhung sain, Elvis Presley hla sa rei thei ber niin, Guinness World Records a siam.

He online competition atan hian Kjell hian Oslo-a pub pakhat chu a hmanga, a performance chu Oslo tabloid VG-in an stream nghe nghe a ni. Kjell chuan record a siam hnuah, “Hei zet hi chu ka ti leh tawh ngai lo vang,” a ti.

Kjell Bjornstad hi kar kalta Ningani zing atangin an zai tan a, stage-ah a changin a thu a, a changin a ding a, vei kual vel a, Elvis hla a sak zawh vek hnuah a bul atangin a tan leh mai a ni.

Bjornstad hi nutritionist leh physician-in an en dik reng a, a khat tawkin tui lum, khawizu leh sertui an in tir deuh reng a, coffee in lo turin an ti a, a aw tan smootihiesm thei leh energy bar te ei turin an ti zawk a ni. Darkar khat-ah minute 5 zel chawlh a nei a, a duh chuan a minute 5 chawlh neih hi a khawl thei a, chu chu a chawlh rei deuh duh hunah a hmang thei.

A hmaa hetiang record siamtu chu German singer Thomas ‘Curtis’ Gaethje niin, 2004 khan Elvis Presley hla insak rei siakah darkar 43, minute 11 leh second 11 zaiin record a lo siam tawh a, he record hi Kjell Bjornstad hian a rawn khum ta a ni.

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