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Environment Ministry in Plastic rules thar siam


Environment Ministry chuan plastic packaging material siamtu tena an thil siamte kum 2024 atanga an lakkhawm leh vek te chu recycle leha an pekchhuah leh ngei theihna tur draft rules a tichhuak.

Hei mai bakah hian system thar plastic siamtu leh plastic packaging siamtu tena an laklet leh theihna tur Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) certificates tih chu a siam bawk.

He notification hi December 6-ah hman tan tura tih a ni.

Plastic-ah hian tlemte chauh recycle theih loh a awm a, chung te chu multi-layered multi-material plastics te ang niin heng ang te hi nuaibo hlen a nih theih nan road construction, waste to energy, watse to oil leh cement kilns atan te hman tur a ni dawn a, chu pawh Central Pollution Control Board in method a siam te ang zawm chauha nuaibo theih a ni ang.

Kum 2019 thleng khan India ramah kum tinin plastic waste 660,787.85 tonnes siamchhuahin a awm a, heng zinga 60% vel chu recycle a ni a. 43% dawn chu packaging material niin a tam ber chu single use plastic an ni.

Plastic packaging a dan thar siam October 6 a tihchhuahah category thum a awm a. Pakhatna chu ‘rigid’ plastic, category 2 na chu ‘flexible plastic packaging of single layer or multilayer (plastic hrang hrang layer khat aia tam nei), plastic sheets, plastic sheet cover, carry bags (carry bags te compostable plastics hmanga siam a tel), plastic sachet or pouches’ te an ni a. Cateory thumna chu multi-layer plastic packaging tih niin plastic layer khat tal leh plastic ni lo layer khat dang tal nei te an ni.

Plastic siamchhuaktute chuan sorkar-ah centralised website kaltlangin kum khata plastic an siamchhuah zah an tarlan a ngai ang a. Company-te chuan an plastic siamchhuah atanga 35% chu kum 23021-22 ah an collect a ngai dawn a, kum 2022-23 ah chuan 70% an collect leh ngai dawnin kum 2024 atangin 100% an collect a ngai thung ang.

Kum 2024 atangin rigid plastic (category 1) minimum 50% chu recycle tur niin caterory leh category 3 atangin 30% recycle tur a ni thung. Kum tinin target tihsan zel ni dawnin kum 2026-27 hnuah chuan category 1 80% leh category 2 leh 3 60% te chu recycle tur a ni tawh thung ang.

Plastic siamchhuaktuten an mawhphurhna an hlen thei lo a, an recycle aia tam an hmang duh a nih chuan ‘case by case basis’ in an plastic mamawh lei theihna turin certificate pek an ni thei thung dawn a ni. Chumi tur chuan CPCB chuan online portal siamin ruahmanna a siam ang.

Heng dan zawm lote chu traditional fine ang pek an ni dawn lo va, mahse, an lakah ‘environmental compensation’ lak a ni thung dawn a. Tuna rules tarlan chuan compensation lak tur zah a la sawi lo thung.

Company te an target pha lo leh annual target credit lei zo le chu chawitir an ni thung dawn a. Kum thum chhunga an target an phak a nih chuan 40% refund an ni ang a. Kum thum hnu lamah erawh an sum dahkham an hloh thung ang. Heng environmental compensation atanga sum hmuh te chu plastic recycling leh nuaibo hlen nan te hman a ni ang.

July 2022 atangin plastic product hrang hrang khap tur a awm a. Chung zingah chuan ear bud plastic stick hmang te, balloon plastic stick hmang te, plastic flag, candy stick, ice-cream stick, doceration atana thermocol, plate, cups, glass te, cutlery kaihhnawih heng plastic atanga fork, thirfian, chemte, straw, tray, sweet box pack nana plastic film te, invitation car leh cigarettes packet, 100 microns aia hniam PVC banner siam te chu khap a ni dawn a ni.

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