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EPL barzar hun ruat fel


Covid 19 hripui leng chuan football bazar a tibuai nasa hle a, kum dang ang lo takin bazar hun tur ruat that a ngai hial. EPL bazar hun atana rawtna Ni 25 July – 5 October chu Fifa in a pawmpui.

England-a football thuneitu sang Football Association (FA) chuan England tual chhunga football bazar hun atan hian Ni 25 July atanga October ni 5 thleng an duang a. Fifa in ngun taka ngaihtuah hnuin a pawmpui thei ta nge nge a ni.

England tualchhunga inelna ngaihhlut hlawh Premier League leh championship te season thar tan leh hun tur puan a la ni lova, tan hun tur a la chiang hlei thei lo a, tihchian thuai a nih beisei a ni.

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