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Facebook live stream record a siam


Kilcar khawchhuak Rory Gallagher chuan Guinness World Record a siam a, online-ah darkar 8 chhung chhum lo chat loin a zai a, darkar riat chu Facebook live stream-a an phal chin a ni. Facebook-ah hian solo artist-in hetiang zata rei hi live stream solo an la nei ngai lo.

Rory Gallagher hi Inrinni tlai dar 5 atangin an zai tan a, a Facebook live stream hi mi sang tam takin an en nghe nghe a ni. Tichuan Facebook-in live stream an phal chin, darkar chu a hmang zoin, record a siam ta a ni.

Tun hi Facebok live stream record siam a tum tum hnihna a ni tawh a, a tum hmasak zawk chu thla kalta mai kha niin, a wifi lam chian loh avangin a laklawh a tawp san ta a. Tunah tha thara rawn bei lehin, record a siam ta a ni.

Rory hi tunah chuan Scotland a cheng a ni a, a nupui Cara nen Edinburgh-ah bar an nei a, a hlawhtling viau nghe nghe a ni.


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