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Frontline worker 78-in hri kai tawh


Covid-19 natna vei an pung a, hri do hnathawka a hmatawnga dingte paw’n an kai; a hmatawng ding, ‘frontline worker’ tia sawi mi 78-in in hri an kai tawh.

‘Frontline worker’ tih hian task force, police leh medical mite a huam a, a zinga hri kai hriatchhuah tawh mi 78 zingah hian enkawl lai mi 67 vel an awm tih thu dawn a ni.

Ningani-a result hriatah khan National Health Mission-a thawk mi pahnih an tel a, mipa leh hmeichhia niin, an kaina hriat a ni rih lo.

Covid-19 hri hian sorkar mi pawimawh thenkhat a thleng tawh a, Tuichawng bialtu MLA Dr BD Chakma leh health secretary te’n hri hi an kai tawh. Health department-a hotu pawimawh dang pakhat pawhin a kai a, Falkawn damdawi inah enkawl mek a ni.

Sorkar department pakhata an deputy secretary pawhin he natna hi a vei a, office danga deputy secretary tlukpui kai an awm tawh bawk.

Hriat theih chinah minister pakhat chu a fapain hri a kai a, MLA-te zingah in khata an chenpui hri kai pahnih an awm.

Thawhlehni khan minister leh MLA-te leh an chhungte swab sample lak a ni a, Ningani tlai lam thleng kha chuan result a la chhuak lo.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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