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Gerrard Houllier a boral


Football team manager lar, Liverpool, Paris St-Germain leh French national team pawh lo enkawl tawhtu Gerard Houllier chu nimin thawhtanni khan kum 73 mi niin a boral. Hun rei tak chhung Lung tha lo leh thisen sangin tibuai bawk mahse, a thihpui natna ber erawh tun thlengin a la chiang lo zel thung. Houllier hian Fapa pahnih leh a nupui Isabelle te a kalsan.

Manager tawnhriat ngah tak Houllier hian player ang chuan hnuhma lian a nei lutuk lo. Hucqueliers chu rawlthar nun a hmanna a ni. Alsop, Hucqueliers leh Le Touquet ahte a khel zui leh a, player angin kum 12 chhung hun a hman hnuin coaching a luhchilh a, Le Touquet chu a team enkawl hmasak ber a ni. Kum 1982 khan Lens a enkawl tan a, hei hi club lian a enkawl hmasak ber a ni. Hemi hnu hian Paris St-Germain a enkawl a. France national team enkawl zui leh in, a chet thatpui vak lo a niang, Under 18 leh 20 te a enkawl zui leh.

Kum 1998 atangin Liverpool a enkawl a, Anfield atangin a hming a chher leh zual ta hle. Reds hi Premier League-ah champion pui lo mahse inelna dangah a champion pui deuh vek thung. Liverpool hi FA Cup (2000-01), League Cup-ah vawihnih (2000-01, 2002-03), UEFA Cup (2000-01), FA Charity Shield ( 2001)-ahte a champion pui. Liverpool a enkawl chhung hian inelna hrang hrangah vawi 307 a kaihruai a, vawi 160 hnehna chanpui in, vawi 73 an inhnehtawk a, vawi 74 tlawm zawkah an tang ve thung. A enkawlna hnuaiah Reds hian goal 516 zet an thun a, goal 298 an chhuah ve thung a ni.

Liverpool-ah hlawhtlina hrang hrang a chan hnu hian an ram France lamah a let leh a, French Ligue 1 club lian Lyon a enkawl chhunzawm. Lyon hi Frechn Ligue 1-ah vawihnih, 2005-06 leh 2006-07-ah a champion pui zui leh nghal. Lyon a enkawl hnu hian Premier League club Aston Villa a enkawl chhunzawm leh a, thla kua chiah a enkawl hman tihin a hna a ban san a, coaching a chawlhsan zui ta a ni.

Manager tawnhriat ngah, England-ah pawh hming chher tak Gerrard Houllier boral thu hian infiamna khawvel a dengchhuak rang hle a. Footballer lar leh manager lar tak takten sunna thu an tarlang nghal chuah chuah a ni.

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