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Hmeichhe zinga darkar khata burpee tihnem ber record siam


Alison Brown, kum 38, chuan darkar khatah burpee vawi 730 tihmanin, hmeichhe zinga darkar khata burpee tihnem thei ber record a siam. Listowel, Ontario-a cheng, personal trainer Alison Brown hian chest-to-ground burpee hi New U Personal Training Studio-ah a siam a ni.

Burpee chu excercise lak dan hahthlak tak mai a ni a, an ding ngil a, chutah zuang chungin push-up ti tur angin an bawk leh a, push-up tiin an âwmin lei an sik tir a, chutah zuang thoin an ding leh a, zuangin chunglamah kut an phar chhuak leh thin. Hetiang hian darkar khat chhungin vawi 730 a tihman a, Guinness World Record a siam ta a ni.

A hmaa hetiang lama hmeichhe record chu 709 a ni a, hei hi Brown hian a rawn khum ta a ni. Brown chuan, “A va lawmawm em. A hmaa record siamtuin khum tur a siam sang lutuk a. Chuvangin ka theihna zawng zawng sawm khawma a aia sang zawk thlen ka tum ta a, ka ti thei tih ka hriat chiah khan a nuam danglam khawp mai,” a ti.

Brown chuan a fapa Andrew-a’n a chophur vangin record hi a siam niin a sawi. Andrew, kum 9, hian Guinness Book of World Records an inah a hawn a, a nu entirin, “Nu, hetiang record hi eng emaw tak chu i ti thei ve lo maw?” tiin a nu chu a chophur ta a, Brown chuan, “Bawiha, i tum phawt chuan theih loh i nei lo ang,” tiin a chhang a, a sawi mai duhtawk lovin a takin a entir ta a ni.

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