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Hnahthialah sawrkar office hawn belh zel


Hnahthial district tihchangtlunna atan sawrkar department hrang hrangte an inbun belh zel bakah thawktu tur pawh ruahman fel chhoh mek a ni tih district bawrhsap Vanlalmawia chuan a sawi.

District bawrhsap hian Thawhtanni khan Hnahthiala MJA member-te kawmin an district hmasawn chhoh zelna atan sawrkar hnathawkte, khawtlang hruaitute, civil society-te, media leh mipuite chu tangtlanga thawk ho zel turin a sawm.

District office hrang hrang hawn mekah bawrhsap sawi danin, Hnahthial Agriculture Sub-Division chu district office-ah hlankai a ni a; District Treasury Office atana luah tur pawh Accounts & Treasuries-in an tifel tawh. Agriculture Department hnuaia institute pawimawh ITC Hnahthial chu School of Agriculture Sciences-ah upgrade in, diploma course zir theihna tura tih a ni. DUDO Hnahthial atan post creation tihfel tawh niin, SDO (Sadar) chu DUDO atana dah phawt a ni. District Revenue Office (settlement officer) SDO(S) chu settlement officer, Hnahthial district atan designate a nih tawh bakah Sports & Youth Services hna bultan turin election officer chu District S&YS officer atan designate a ni. Hnahthial district-ah Aadhaar enrolment October 1 atangin kalpui tum a nih thu a sawi bawk.

MJA member-te chuan Hnahthial district hmasawnna tura sawrkar hmalakna leh hnathawh hrang hrangte chu lawmawm an tih thu an sawi a. District tihhmasawnna kawngah theihtawpa thawhho pui zel an inhuam thu an sawi bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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