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Hnek rang record a siam


Slovakian mixed martial artist pakhat chuan khawvela hnek rang ber record a siam a, minute khatah vawi 322 a hnek hman a, hei hi Guinness World Records, khawvela minute khat chhunga hnek hnem hman berah an puang a ni.

A hming chu Pavel Trusov a ni a, kum 25 a upa a ni tawh a, record siam tum hian thlaruk chuang a inbuatsaih niin a sawi a, a inbuatsaih danah hian CrossFit leh powerlifting te pawh a tel.

Trusov chuan record siam tur hian Guinness-in guidelines an siamte tha takin a zawm a, Guinness dan zamah chuan an hnek reng rengin an ban chu a ngil chhuak pap pap tur a ni a, an kuttumin target a fuh chat chat tur a ni bawk a, an kuttum pahnihin a inchhawkin an hnek thei a, duh chuan pakhat chauh pawh a hman theih bawk.

Trusov hian a kuttum pahnih hmangin a hnek chhuak a, minute khatah vawi 322 hnek hmanin record thar a siam ta a ni. Trusov hi mipa naupang kum 6 mi chauh a nih lai atanga martial arts lo zir tawh a ni.

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