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Hollywood box office-ah ‘Tenet’ a la No.1


Hripui leng karah cinema hall-te hawng leh tawh mah se cinema hall ticket hralhin beisei a la pha thei chuang lo a, hetihlai hian cinema hall chain lian Cineworld chuan an inkhar leh rih dawn tih an lo puang ve leh mek bawk a, chutiang karah chuan beisei pha lo ‘Tenet’ bawk US box office-ah a No.1 leh ta a ni.

Tun weekend kalta khan film thar tlangzarh a awm lo va, Christopher Nolan-a film siam Tenet-in dollar maktaduai 2 lalut lehin, box office-ah a No.1 pui thei! Tun weekend kaltaa Tenet sum lakluh hi khawvel pumah dollar maktaduai 14.2 a tling pha a, tihian khawvel huapa a sum lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 300 a kai ve ta a ni. He film hi dollar maktaduai 200 vel zet senga siam a nih avangin, marketing te nena a sum sen phuhru tur chuan dollar maktaduai 400 vel tal a lakluh a ngai dawn a ni.

Hetihlai hian Halloween cult classic, 1993-a an tlangzarh tawh ‘Hocus Pocus’ chu an tlangzarh nawn leh a, he film hian tun weekend kalta khan dollar maktaduai 1.6 a lalut thei a, box office No.2 niin, film dang dollar maktaduai la kai pha an awm tlat lo.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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