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Home Ministry-in CBI director hlui Verma hrem duh


Union Home Ministry chuan CBI director hlui Alok Verma chuan a service laia official a nihna dinhmun hmang sual leh service rule thenkhat bawhchhiaa puhin a chunga hremna lekkawh turin rawtna a siam.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) chuan Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) enkawltu Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) hnenah Verma laka hremna lekkawh turin a ti a ni.

MHA rawtna hi pawm a nih chuan Verma pension leh retirement benefit tin te chu chhuhsak theih a ni dawn niin official-te chuan an sawi.

1979-batch Indian Police Service (IPS) Verma khan CBI a awm chhungin Gujarat-cadre IPS officer leh a deputy ni bawk Rakesh Asthana nen corruption charge chungchangah ngaihdan inang lo neiin an inbei chiam tawh a. Verma leh Asthana te hian eiru -h an inpuh ve ve a ni. Asthana hi tunah chuan Delhi Police Commissioner a ni tawh thung a. BJP-te officer duhsak uchuaka ngaih a ni.

“Verma chu a official dihmun hmang dik lo leh service rules bawhchhiaa puh a ni a. Home ministry chuan a laka hremna lekkawh turin an rawt a ni” tiin senior official pakhat chuan a sawi.

Home Ministry hi IPS officer cadre te thununtu a ni thung.

DoPT chuan MHA rawtna hi IPS officer latu Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) hnenah an thlen tawh a, IPS officer te laka hremna lekkawh a nih hmain UPSC te rawn hmasak ngei an ngai a ni.

Verma hian February 1, 2017 khan kum hnih chhung atan CBI chief nihna a la a. Mahse, January 10, 2019 khan CBI chief atanga sawn chhuah niin dinhmun hniam zawk director general of Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guards-ah dah a ni.

CBI director hlui Alok Verma chuan sorkarin dinhmun hniam zawka a dah chu duh lovin sorkar hnenah superannuated-a chhuah dil zuiin July 31, 2017 khan a chhuak zui ta bawk.

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