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UD&PA Champhai chuan Champhai khawpui chhunga Home hrang hrangte hnenah sawrkar kum kal meka chhawmdawlna la dawng kimlote hnenah Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH) kaltlangin tanpuina a pe chhuak a. DAY-NULM hnuaia SHU-Shelter Management Committee thu nghalin inrawnkhawm a ni.

Hemi puala hun hmanah hian kum upa lamte enkawlna tur hmun – Special Shelter Old Age Home sakna atan Rs 32,32,000 dah a nih thu sawi a ni a. Special Shelter sak nan Bethany Old Age Home, New Champhai chuan a thlawna ram hman an phal a, sak phalna ‘No Objection Certificate’ pawh UD&PA Department-in a dawng tawh. Tunah hian detail plan and estimate buaipui mek niin, peihfel a nih veleh District/ City Level Executive Committee pawmpui turin thlen tum a ni.

SUH kaltlanga Home hrang hrangte thawmthat leh cheithatna, financial year tina pek thin pawh rel niin, sawrkar kum kal mekah home thenkhat thawmthatna refurbishment cheng nuai khat la pek tlin lohte chu tanpuina sum pek tura ruahman a ni a; refurbishment atana sum hman tur awm Rs 1,50,000 chu Home pathum – Rose Childrens Home Champhai Vengthlang, Genesaret Gospel Home New Champhai leh Bethany Old Age Home New Champhaiah te pek nise tih a ni.

Kum kal mekah Champhaia Home hrang hrangte cheia thawmthatna hetiang hian pek a ni: Grace Receivers Home, Zote – gas connection leh CCTV; Emmanuel After Care, Bethel – pressure cooker 1, rice plate 50, belpui 1, frying pan lian/ bel 2, no 60 leh CCTV; TNT Mazuia Memorial Home, Vengthlang North – frying pan lian, bel 3, belpui 2 leh CCTV; Metakhen Reformation Center, Jail Veng – tui pipe roll 4 leh CCTV; Bethany Old Age Home, New Champhai – tui pipe roll 5, RFL plastic drawer 6; Rose Childrens Home, Vengthlang – fire extinguishers (4 Kg) thosilen 26 leh RFL plastic drawer 2; Champhai Observation Home, Zotlang – RFL plastic drawer 4; Genesaret Gospel Home, New Champhai – RFL plastic drawer 6.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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