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Hri kai hmuh thar zingah tualchhunga kai awm lo


Covid-19 leng mekah Mizorama tualchhunga inkaidarhna chu chhutchah chhoh zel niin a lang a, tualchhunga inkaichhawng atanga kai hmuhchhuah an awm lo zel.

Zoram Medical College laboratory ami, October 5-a sample endik, October 6 zinga result tihchhuahah Covid-19 kai thar 4 hmuh an ni a. State pawn atanga rawn lut, para military force vek an ni. Assam Rifles 3 leh BSF 1, sipai inkhunghranna hmuna khunghran lai, symptom neilo an ni.

TrueNat laboratory atangin hri kai hmuhchhuah pali tho an awm a. Kolasib ami 3, Assam atanga lo haw 2 leh Sikkim atanga lo haw 1 an ni. An vaiin quarantine facility-a awm lai, symptom neilo vek an ni.

Serchhip district-ah pakhat, Thenzawla Tribeni Construction Ltd hnuaia hnathawk, Assam atanga lokal, quarantine facility-a awm lai, symptom neilo a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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