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Hri kai hriatchhuah tam thla, nunna chan tam ber thla


July thla chhung khan Mizoramah Covid-19 natna vei mi 8093 hriatchhuah an ni a, July hi thla khat chhunga hriatchhuah tam ber thla a ni.

He natna vang hian July-ah khan mi 55-in nunna an chan a, hriatchhuah tam ber thla hi nunna chan an tam ber thla pawh a ni.

July thla kha endik an tam ber thla pawh a ni a, thla khat chhungin mi 1,44,630 endik an ni. Hri vanga enkawlte zinga damchhuak an tam ber thla a ni bawk a, July thlaah khan hri vei mi 10,198 an chhuak.

June-ah khan hri vei hriatchhuah mi 8093 an awm a, hei hi an tam ber thla a ni thin. Mahse July-ah hriatchhuah zat a pung a, July ni 20-ah khan khami thlaa hriatchhuah zat chu 8531 a ni tawh. April atang khan hri vei hriatchhuah tam ber thla a la ni ziah.

July-ah khan hri kai hriatchhuah tam ber ni a thleng mawlh mawlh bawk; mi 807 hriatchhuah ni July ni 19 kha hriatchhuah tam ber ni a ni phawt a, ni 24-ah aia tam, mi 938 hriatchhuah an ni. July ni 25-ah mi 1369 hriatchhuah an ni leh.

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