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Hri lakah ram hruaitute him


Ram hruaitu, rorelna khawla \hute sample endik zawhfel a ni a, hri lakah an him vek tih thu dawn a ni.

September ni 15 khan minister, deputy speaker leh MLA-te endik an ni a, mi 20 niin, an chhungte an tel bawk. An vai hian an negative vek.

Assembly secretariat dak semtu pakhat a positive avangin, a lehkha pekte, minister, speaker leh MLA, an vaiin mi 15-te sample endik a lo ni tawh a, an zingah pakhat a positive bakah MLA pahnih leh minister pakhat chenpuite an positive. Chuvang chuan speaker Lalrinliana Sailo hmalaknain house member dangte leh an chhungte endik leh a ni a, mi 25 zinga mi 20-te leh an chhungte endik a ni.

Assembly commissioner & secretary H Lalrinawma’n The Aizawl Post a hrilh danin, ram hruaitute leh an chhungte bakah Assembly secretariat-a thawk te leh civil secretariat-a thawkte pawh hemi \um hian an sample lak a ni a, an vaiin mi 364 an ni. An vai hian an him a, positive an awm lo tih thu dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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