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Hrileng vanga hna chante tan eizawnna siam theih – Dr Thangtea


Commerce & Industries Department huanga eizawnna kawng hrang hrang awm theiah Covid hrileng vanga hna chante tan eizawnna kawng thar siam theih a ni tih minister Dr R Lalthangliana chuan a sawi.

Commerce and Industries minister ho hian Ningani khan Commerce & Industries Department hnuaia officer-te leh Board hrang hrang hotute an thukhawm a. Minister chuan Covid19 leng vanga eizawnna hlohte leh eizawnna tur dap mek thalaite tan Commerce & Industries Department huanga food processing, handloom, textile, bamboo, mineral resources leh a dangte hmangin eizawnna tam tak siambelh theih a ni tih a sawi a. Officer-te chu ngaihtuah seng nasa turin a fuih.
Industrial Development Board vice chairman C Ramhluna chuan SEDP kaltlanga an Board hmalakna zingah, leirawhchan (brick) a Mizoram intodelhna tur kawng zawnte, mipui mamawh ang industry din a nih theih nana rampuma survey neihte, college-a Industrial Demo Chamber din te a tel tih a sawi a. Mizoramah multinational company-ten thil siamna hmun an bun theihna turin kawng dap nise tiin an rawt tih a sawi bawk.

Commerce and Industries director J.Hmingthanmawia chuan lockdown vanga hnathawk thei lo, small & medium industry-te damkhawchhuahna tur sawrkar laipuiin hmalakna a puante sawifiahin, heng scheme-te hi Mizoramah pawh chhawr tangkai ve theih a nih dan te, Mizoram Industrial Policy siamthat mek leh New Market building sakthat tura hmalakna kal mekte a sawi a ni.

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