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Hruia lawn chak record siam


South African climber Thomas Van Tonder chuan minute li tling loah hrui inkhaiah feet 164 a sang a lawn hman a, Guinness World Record, hruia lawn chak ber record a siam.

Thomas hian Soweto, South Africa-ah record hi siamin, minute 3 leh second 19.68 chhungin hrui inkhaiah hian feet 164 a sang hi a lawn hman a ni. Hrui inkhaia lawn nan hian a kut leh ke chiah a hmang.

Thomas hi 2013 vel atanga obstacle course racing lama lo tui tawh a ni a, hrui inkhaia lawn pawh hi obstacle course racing a tel ve thin a ni. Thomas chuan, “Obstacle racing discipline thenkhatah record siam theih ka inring a, hrui inkhaia lawn hi ka thlang ta a ni,” a ti.

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