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In thiat rang record an siam


Abu Dhabi, UAE-a in chhawng sang Mina Plaza chu a bul hnaia awm thildang tichhe si lovin second 10 chhung lekin an tichim vek hman a, Guinness World Record, in thiat rang ber record an siam.

Mina Plaza hi in chhawng sang pali inzawm niin, feet 541.44 a sang a ni a, he inah hian floor 144 a awm a, heng in pali te hi bomb hmangin second 10 chhung lekin an tichim vek (controlled demolition) hman a ni.

He in thiahtute hi Modon Properties an ni a, in tihchim nan hian buildingah hmun 18,000-ah verhin, chung an verh kuakah chuan bomb an phum ta a, chung bomb te chu awmze neiin an tipuak a, in hi an tichim ta a ni. He inchhawng sang tak an tihchim hian thildang tihchhiat a nei lo a, an ruahman ang thlap an tichim thei a ni.

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