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Inah mi 200 chuang inkhung mek


Covid-19 hrileng vangin Mizoramah ina inkhung hrang (home quarantine) ti mek mi 2017 an awm a, a tam ber chu Hnahthial District mi an ni. Khawzawl leh Kolasib District-ah te inkhung hrang mek an awm lo.

Hnahthial dawtah Lawngtlai District-ah an tam a, mi 67 an inkhung hrang mek. Mi 38 inkhung hranna Aizawl District-in a dawt leh a, Siaha (10), Mamit (9), Serchhip (7), Champhai (2) leh Saitual (2) te’n an dawt.

Mizoramah khung hran an awm nual tawh a, ina inkhung hran hi chu uar a ni vak lo. Mizoramah ina inkhung hrantir tawh zawng zawng hi mi 1918 an ni a, an zinga 1686 chuan an zo tawh.

Inkhung hrang tawh hi Aizawl District-ah an tam ber a, mi 1002 an awm tawh. Aizawl District-ah hian an tam fal a, a dawttu Serchhip District-ah chuan mi 269 an ni.

Covid-19 hrileng do nan Mizoram pawn atanga rawn lutte chu awm hrantir thin an ni a, a tam ber chu quarantine centre-ah an awm. Quarantine centre-ah hian mi 23341 an awm tawh a, an zinga 21282 chu an chhuak tawh. September ni 20 thlenga khan mi 1658 an awm mek.

Senso intumin hotel-ah a awm theih bawk a, mi 272 an awm tawh. An zingah hian mi 245 an chhuak tawh a, hotel-a awm mek chu mi 26 an ni.

Inkhung hran hi a ngai lo telh telh a, sorkarin quarantine centre a neih thenkhat pawh hri kaite enkawlna Covid Care Centre atan hman a awm nual tawh.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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