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“Independent MLA-te kha ZPM Tangrual Pawl thlantlin a ni”


Zoram People’s Movement Tangrual Pawl an nih laia independent MLA candidate an thlawpte chu tuna ZPM party pian hma thil a nih avangin Anti Defection Law an bawchhe ngei tih ZPM Tangrual Pawl nih laia nihna nei thenkhatte chuan an sawi.

Nilaini khan ZPM Tangrual Pawla nihna nei thin thenkhatte hian Aizawlah thuthar thehdarhtute an kawm a. Mizoramah mipui sawrkar a pian theih nan, recognised party pahnih – Zoram Nationalist Party leh Mizoram People’s Conference party bakah Zoram Exodus Movement (ZEM) ten mahni party thiat loa thawhhona turin an aiawh theuhten thuthlunna mumal tak siama hming ziahhnan theuhin, ZPM Tangrual Pawl chu 2017 August 15 khan an din tih an sawi.

He pawl hi pawl dang – Mizoram Mipui Pawl, Zoram Reformation Front, Zoram Democratic Front ten an zawm bakah ECI recognised party National People’s Party (NPP) chuan zawm lehin, 2018 inthlan dawn tepah, thawhhona thuthlung lo anga an party mala candidate siam an duh zawk vangin NPP hian an inhnuhdawh san leh ta tih an sawi bawk.

“Pawl dang zawng chuan mahni party leh pawl hming hmang bik lo leh thiat chuang loin, common candidate siamin MLA bial 38-ah independent anga MLA candidate siam a ni a. ZPM Tangrual Pawla telten kan support vek a, neitu bik awm loin independent candidate kha an nih dan diktak a ni. MLA 8 kan thlangtling a, bial hniha tling Pu Lalduhoma chhuahsan tak erawh kan hloh zui ta a ni,” an ti.

2018 MLA inthlan zawh hnu ah ZPM Tangrual Pawl rorelna sang ber – Steering Committee chuan a dintu pawl pathum – MPC, ZNP leh ZEM aiawhten thuthlung an lo ziah hnan tawh ang kalh zawnga mahni party leh pawlte thiatin ZPM party din nise, tia an rel tak hnu ah, ZPM Tangrual Pawl thawhhona chu a kehchhe tan ta tih an sawi.

ZPM party hi Election Commission of India-in a pawmpui political party an nih theih nan kumin January atang khan buaipuiin, July 3-a ZPM party registration tihfel a nih hnu ah, 2019 August 16 khan ZPM Tangrual Pawl thuneitu sang – Steering Committee pawh thiah zui a ni ta tih an sawi bawk.

“Independent MLA 7-ten anmahni thlangtlingtu anga ZPM party an sawi fo hi kum 2019-a piang ve chauh a ni a, 2018 November inthlana tling independent MLA 7-te hi ZPM Tangrual Pawl thlantlin a ni,” an ti.

Insawithiamnaa MNF te lo chhuah hlima MLA inthlanpui neihah, registered party an la nih loh avanga MNF candidate-te independent anga an din tum kha chuan MNF hnuaia independent-a ding an ni tih an ziahlan laiin, tuna independent candidate te chuan ZPM hnuaia ding an nih thu an ziaklang lo niin an sawi a. Hemi vang hian India Danpui Tenth Schedule-a Anti Defection Law bawhchhia ni ngeia an ngaih thu an sawi a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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