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India ramah Covid-19 kai nuai 45 tling tawh


India ramah Covid-19 kai nuai 45 an chuang tawh a, nunna chan 76,271 an awm tawh bawk a. Nikhat thil thua kai tam ber thlengin mi 96,551 in an kai a, nunna chan tam ber pawh thlengin 1,209 in nunna an chan a. |ha chhuak leh nuai 35 an chuang tawh thung niin Union Health Ministry data chuan a sawi.

India ramah coronavirus kai tawh zawng zawng 45,62,414 an tling tawh a, tha chhuak leh 35,42,663 an awm tawh thung.

Covid-19 case fatality rate erawh tlahniam zelin 1.67 per cent a ni tawh a, recovery rate pawh 77.65 per cent a ni tawh bawk.
India ramah active case 9,43,480 an awm mek a, hetah hian case load 20.68 per cent a tel a ni.

India ramah Covid-19 kai August 7 khan nuai 20 an kai a, August 23 ah nuai 30 kaiin September 5-ah chuan nuai 40 an tling der tawh a ni.

ICMR te chuan September 10 thlengin sample 5,40,97,975 test a nih tawh thu sawiin Ningani khan 11,63,542 sample test a ni.

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