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J.Lo leh A-Rod ten $40M man in an lei


Jennifer Lopez,m kum 51, leh a pasal hual Alex Rodriguez, kum 45, te chuan Maiami Star Island-ah in lian tha zet mai, dollar maktaduai 40 man an lei!

He in hian square feet 40,000 a awh hmuk mai a, acres 86 a zau ram a ni a, bedroom 10, bathroom 12 awmin, infinity pool a awm bawk. Chuktuah huan tha tak neiin, hot tub, fountain, outdoor cabana leh bar te a awm a. library, wine room bakah room dang neuh neuh pawh a kuh tul mai. Guest house pawh bedroom pahnih leh bathroom pahnih awmin, staff room pahnih a la awm cheu.

An chhungkua hi an ni ve deuh diah a, J.Lo hian a pasal hmasa Marc Anthony nen fa phir Max leh Emme neiin, Alex pawhin fanu pahnih Natasha leh Ella a nei a, heti chung pawh hian room chuang an la ngah dawn khawp mai.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

The Aizawk Post

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