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Japan-ah car thlawk thei an enchhin


Japanese engineering company SkyDrive chuan an car thlawkthei siam chu hlawhtling takin an enchhin a, he car thlawkthei hi an test flight video an tlangzarh.

He car thlawkthei hi a danglamna chu compact propeller boruak a vir thei a ni a, chu chuan a tithlawk dawn a ni. He car thlawkthei hi car pangngai ang tiat vel a ni a, company lam chuan Japan-a car thlawkthei mipui hmuh theih tura enchhin hmasak ber niin an chhal.

A technical zawnga thlir chuan thlawhtheihna a ni mai a, an test flight video hi minute 4 vela sei a ni. SkyDrive CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa chuan, “Mipuiin car thlawkthei hi boruak-a vei vah nan a hman theih tih an hriat a pawimawh tawh a ni,” a ti a, an car thlawkthei siam hi 2023 atangin hralh chhuah tan an tum. He car thlawkthei hi official-in a man tur puan la ni lo mahse dollar 3,00,000 vel bawr man tur niin report a awm.

Hetiang car thlawkthei hi nakin lawkah chuan miin an la hmang sup sup dawn tih a chiang reng tawh a, German company pawhin Volocopter an lo enchhin tawh a, hei hi chu car thlawkthei ai mahin drone lian chi a ang deuh zawk. Volocopter leh SkyDrive bakah thlawhtheihna siam lama hmingthang Boeing leh Airbus te leh Honda leh Toyota te pawh car thlawkthei hi an buaipui mek a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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