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Kar khat chhungin hri vei hriatchhuah tam ber ni vawi hnih


Aizawl, July 24 : July ni 19, Thawhtanni kha Mizorama hri vei hriatchhuah tam ber ni a ni thin a, Ningani-ah a aia tam hriatchhuah a nih avangin tun karah hriatchhuah tam ber ni vawi hnih a thleng.

Zirtawpni khan information department chuan July ni 22-a endikte result an puang a, hri vei hriatchhuah thar 847 an awm. July ni 22 chu hriatchhuah thar an tam ber ni a ni. July ni 19 khan mi 807 hriatchhuah an ni.

July ni 22-a hriatchhuahte zingah hian a lanchhuahna natna (symptom) nei mi 444 leh chutiang nei lo mi 401 an awm a, hriat loh pahnih an awm.

Mipa 2,718 leh hmeichhia 2,590, an vaiin mi 5,308 endik an ni a, an zinga 15.95% te’n hri an kai a ni.

ZMC laboratory-a hriatchhuah 126, mipa 58 leh hmeichhia 68 an awm a, TrueNAT laboratory hmanga hriatchhuah mi 60, mipa 34 leh hmeichhia 26, Rapid Antigen Test (RAgT) hmanga hriatchhuah 661, mipa 306 leh hmeichhia 355 an awm.

ZMC laboratory hmanga hriatchhuahte hi Aizawl District mi vek an ni a, Aizawl khawpui chhunga mi an ni tlangpui. Sialsuk (hmeichhe pakhat), Hualngohmun (hmeichhe pakhat, Sairang Vengsang (mipa pahnih leh hmeichhe pakhat) tih loh mi dang chu Aizawl khawpui chhunga mi vek an ni a, Sialsuk leh Hualngohmun-a mite hi frontline worker ve ve an ni.

TrueNAT laboratory hmanga hriatchhuahah hian a tam ber chu Lunglei District mi an ni a, 17 an awm. Anni hi Lunglei khawpui chhunga mi vek an ni. Champhai District mi 15 an awm a, an zinga mi 14 chu Zokhawthar mi an ni. Siaha District mi pariat an awm a, Siaha khawpui chhunga mi vek an ni. Mamit District mi pariat, Kolasib District mi pasarih, Aizawl District mi pathum an awm bawk. Aizawl District mi hi Aizawl khawpui chhung mi vek an ni. Lawngtlai District mi pahnih an awm bawk a, Lawngtlai khawpui chhunga mi ve ve an ni.

RAgT hmanga hriatchhuahah hian a tam ber chu Aizawl District mi an ni a, mi 382 an ni. Kolasib District mi 123, Lunglei District mi 99, Lawngtlai District mi 27, Mamit District mi 20, Siaha District mi pali, Serchhip District mi pathum, Saitual District mi pahnih, Champhai District mi pakhat an awm.

July thla hi hri vei hriatchhuah tam ber thla a ni tawh a, July ni 20 thleng khan mi 8093 hriatchhuah niin, July ni 1 atanga ni 20 thlenga hriatchhuah zat kha a tam ber thla a ni tawh.

July ni 23 tlai dar 7 vel thleng khan July thlaah Covid-19 vangin mi 40 an thi tawh.

Covid-19 vang hian Mizoramah mi 132 an thi tawh a, thla liam ta June-ah khan mi 53 an thi.

Hri kai hriatchhuah tam nite
July ni 22-ah mi 847
July ni 19-ah mi 807
June ni 20-ah mi 662
June ni 12-ah mi 346

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