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Kawng siamtu NHIDCL leh CM inkawm


Chief minister Zoramthanga chuan December 4 khan National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) Mizoram bialtute kawmin, Mizorama an hmalaknate a sawipui.

PWD changtu n bawk chief minister chuan Mizoram chu tlang ram, ruahtui tamna hmun a nih avangin state dang, phai rama hma an lak dan ang ngawta kal a fuhloh theih thu leh India ram zawng zawng angkhata hrutrual a rem loh thu a hrilh a. Mizoram chu India leh Asia chhimchhak ramte inthlunzawmna pawimawh tak state a nih avang leh, ram hmasawnna tur hmalakna dang innghahna atan kawng tha leh changtlung tak neih a pawimawh tih te a sawi. NHIDCL chu Mizoram mipui nen thawhhona tha tak an neih a pawimawh tiin, an hmalaknaah thahnemngai taka theihtawp chhuah turin a chah a ni.

NHIDCL hotute chuan technology thar hmangin tun aia ruahtui dawl thei tur kawng siam an tum thu te, Covid-19 hrileng avanga duh anga an thawh chak theihloh thute sawiin, Mizoram sawrkar nena thawhhona tha tak neih an duh thu an sawi.

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