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Kawngpui sira bawlhhlawh thianfaiin an hnatlang


Durtlang Leitan local council member-te leh anmahni puibawmtu mi 5 te chuan nimin, December 17 khan Bawngkawn leh Leitan inkar kawng, anmahni huamchhung china kawngpui sira bawlhhlawh thianfaiin an hnatlang. Leitan local council hotute chuan Leitan leh Bawngkawn inkar hi mi lengvak leh inkawmhlim nana hmang an tam thin hle a, bawlhhlawh an paih duhdah lutuk erawh pawi an tih thu sawiin, faina lamah inzirna tur kan la ngah hle nia an hriat thu an sawi a. He lai kawng chhuk/chho vela kal thinten an bawlhhlawhte paih mai mai loa, a vawnfai leh thianghlimna chungchangah thawhpui turin an ngen tih an sawi. Hnatlang hi AMC commissioner K. Laldingliana chuan a enpui bakah bawlhhlawh paihna tur lirthei a ngaihtuah sak a, bawlhhlawh chi hrang hrang bag engemawzat chharkhawma paih a ni.

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