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Kelly Clarkson-i’n a pasal hlui hnenah thla tin $ 2,00,000 chhawmdawl nan pe dawn


Los Angeles judge chuan Kelly Clarkson chu a pasal then tak Brandon Blackstock hnena thla tin spousal leh child support atan dollar 2,00,000 pe ziah turin a ti a, hei hi Brandon-a’n court-a a dil zat chanve aiin a hniam zawk a ni.

He court thuremna lailawk hi July ni 27 khan tihchhuah a ni, American Idol winner hmasa ber, tuna The Voice coach leh The Kelly Clarkson Show host ni bawk hian a pasal then tak hnenah hian chhawmdawlna (spousal support) thla tin dollar 1,50,000 a pe ang a, an fate enkawl nan thla tin dollar 45,601 a pe bawk ang. Tihian thla tina a pek tur chu dollar 1,95,601 a ni a, kum khatah chuan dollar maktaduai 2.3 chuang a tling hman dawn a ni. Kelly, kum 39, leh Brandon, kum 44, te hian fanu River Rose Blackstocl, kum 7, leh fapa Remington Alexander Blackstock, kum 5, an nei tawh a ni.

Nikum November khan Kelly Clarkson hi an fate awmpuitu zawk nih theihna lailawk a pek a ni a, a hnuah Brandon hian spousal leh child support atan thla tin dollar 4,36,000 a phut ve nghal bawk. Court document-a a lan dan chuan Kelly thla khat sum lakluh hi dollar maktaduai 1.5 chuang a ni.

Court chuan Brandon-a ukil rawih man pawh tumsak turin Kelly hi a hriattir nghal a, an nupa inthen chungchanga ukil rawih manah hian a pasal hlui hi dollar maktaduai 1.5 pe tura tih a ni.

Kelly hian nikum June khan Brandon nena inthen dilna hi court-ah a thehlut a, an pahnih hian kum sarih dawn an innei hman, inthen a duhna chhanah chuan, ‘siamthat theih tawh loh ngaihdan inang lohna’ tiin a tarlang a, a pasal aia sum leh pai lalut hnem zawk a nih avangin a pasal chhawmdawlna hi a pek a ngai dawn ta a ni.

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