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Kg 27 a rit phur chungin fingertip pushup record a siam


Pakistani martial artist Irfan Mehsood chuan a kungzungtang hmanga innemkhalhin, pound 60 (Kg 27 vel) a rit phur chungin minute khatah pushup vawi 49 a ti hman a, Guinness World Record, minute khata pound 60 a rit phur chunga fingertip pushup ti hnem thei ber record a siam.

Irfan hi Guinness World Record-ah a mikhual tawh lo hle a, tun hi record 34 a siamna a ni tawh. Tun tuma a record siam hi Dera Ismail Khan-ah neiin, pound 60 a rit a hnungzangah an phur chungin, minute khatah a kutzung tang hmangin pushup vawi 49 a ti hman a, a hmaa hetiang record chu minute khata pushup vawi 44 a ni a, record siamtu chu Iraqi athlete Jarjees Rasheed a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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