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Khawvela lirtheia tlan chak ber record siam a tumnaah Ralph Hudson a thi


Khawmuala lirtheia tlan chak ber record siamtu Ralph Hudson chu 400kmph a chaka a tlan laiin a chesual a, a hliam tuar lovin a thi.

Ralph Hudson, kum 66, hian Bonneville Salt Flats-a Bonneville Speed Week, August ni 14, 2020-a an hmannaah a motorcycle, tlan chak lehzual thei tura a duan hmangin record siam tumin a tlan a, 400kmph a chaka a tlan laiin thli thawin a tibuai a, a chesual ta a ni. A hliam avangin Salt lake City-a Intemountain Medical Center-ah lak nghal a ni a, mahse, a hliam tuar lovin September ni 6 khan a thi tih nimin khan an puang ta a ni.

Hudson hian motorcycle-a tlan chak ber record a lo siam tawh a, 2018 khan 304 mph (489 kmph) a chaka tlanin record hi a lo siam tawh a ni.

August ni 14, 2020 khan Hudson hian Bonneville-ah record thar siam hi a tum a, a times mile speed 250 mph (402kmph) a chaka a tlan laiin vanduai thlak takin thli thawin a tibuai ta hlauh a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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