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Kum 2021 kum tir lamah Covid-19 Vaccine neih hman beisei


Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan chuan Covid-19 vaccine chu kum 2021 first quarter-ah a awm hman beisei a nih thu a sawi.

“Vaccine siam tumin chak takin hmalak mek a ni a. Kan ramah vaccine pathum lai clinical trial kalpui mek a awm a ni. Kum 2021 tir thla thum chhungin neih hman a ni ang,” tiin Dr Vardhan chuan a sawi.

Minister Vardhan hian Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) tena online vaccine portal an siam hawnna neiin he portal hmang hian research tihmek te kimchang takin India mai ni lo ram pawna research kalpui te bakah India rama vaccine development history te kimchang taka tarlan a ni.

Dr. Vardhan chuan, “ICMR te hi kan rama health research lama hmahruaitu an ni reng a, tunah pawh pandemic leng mekah vaccine research lama hmahruaitu a ni leh mek a ni. Vaccine kaihhnawih information pawimawh thehdarhna kawngah he portal hian mipui nawlpuiah hrilhhriatna a nei dawn a. He portal hmang hian mipui tena vaccine chungchanga an hriat duh te chu hrilh hriat an ni dawn a ni,” tiin a sawi.

India ramah vaccine siam mek beisei awm zual pathum a awm a- Covishield, Covaxin leh ZyCov-D te an ni a. Heng vaccine te hi portal-ah hian engtianga siam nge a nih tih te leh kalpui chin mek te kimchang taka tarlan a ni.

Hei bakah hian portal ah hian international vaccine candidate research te pawh kimchanga hriat theih turin World Health Organisation website a link bawk a ni.

Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) te portal hian Human Paipploma Virus, Shigella, hepatitis, cholera leh typhoid vaccine information te pawh a tarlang bawk a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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