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Kumin Krismas hla lar Rebecca Lallawmsangi ‘Kan Khua’


Rebecca Lallawmsangi Krismas hla thar ‘Kan Khua’ tih chuan YouTube-ah a upload atanga kar khat chhungin vawi 8,00,000 chuan en a hlawh hman a, kumin Mizo Krismas hlaah chuan hla lar bera chhal ngam a ni.

He hla tang tha et awt tak mai hi Peka Fanai phuah a ni a, a track leh thluk pawh Peka siam nghal vek a ni. Rebecca Lallawmsangi chuan, “Ka rin phak lohin a thawk ve a, a lawmawm khawp mai,” tiin a video thar entu tam chak dan chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.

‘Kan Khua’ tih hi kumina a music video pahnihna a ni a, thla kalta khan a video dang, Peka Fanai hlaphuah bawk ‘Dam Dam’ tih chu November thla khan a tichhuak a, he hla pawh hian YouTube-ah thla khat chhung lekin vawi 8,50,000 dawn en a hlawh hman der tawh bawk a ni.

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