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LADC-ah vote thlak


Lai Autonomous District Council-a MDC inthlanpui neihah Zirtawpni khan vote thlak a ni a, buaina leh harsatna a awm thu riat a ni lo.

Thudawn danin, LADC-ah hian polling station 111 awmin, bial 25 awmah mipuiten zing dar 7.00 atangin vote an thlak tan a, hrileng karah mipuiten him taka vote an thlak theih nan task force-te chuan polling station hrang hranga mipuiten awmze nei zawka vote an thlak theih nan, vote thlak hunbi an siam a, electoral roll-a serial number ang zawnga vote thlak hunbi siamsak an awm laiin, veng leh kawthler inthen dan ang zawnga hunbi duang an awm bawk. A bikin kum upa lam chu zingkarah vote thlaktir an ni deuh vek a ni.

Vote tla zat hi hriatchian theih la ni lo mah se, inthlan neih hnuhnung ber aiin vote tla hi a that a rinawm tih Lawngtlai atanga thudawnna chuan a sawi.

Inthlanna buaipuituten an tih tur an tih zawh hnuah inthlanna hmanruate DC office strong room panpui nghal zel a ni a; polling party-te hian vawiinah Lawngtlai an thlenkim hman beisei niin, inthlannaa vote tlate chu December 8 hian chhiar a ni dawn a ni.

MNF party chuan seat awm zawng zawng 25 an chuh kim vek a, BJP-in bial 17 chuhin, INC-in bial 14 an chuh. Bial 25-ah hian independent candidate 16 an awm a ni.

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