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Lakers in final an hnaih


Zirtawp zing khan NBA Western Conference final thawh lina khelh a ni a, Los Angeles Lakers chuan an khingpui Denver Nuggets hneh nawn lehin series-ah 3-1 in hma an hruai a, final lut turin vawikhat chak chiah an mamawh tawh.

Conference final an khelh hmsak pathumah vawihnih lo chak tawh Los Angeles Lakers hian an khingpui Nuggets te hi hneh nawn leh ngei tumin tan an khawh a. Nuggets hian 2-2 a nihrual ngei tumin tan an khawh ve bawka inkhel hmuhnawm tak a ni. A bul atanga a tawp thlengin an insan chhawk zak zak a, quarter hnih ve veah chungnung zawk ni chungin Lakers hian 114-108 in hnehna an chang a, final an hnaih ta hle a ni.

LeBron James leh a thiante hi 1st quarter-ah chethain point 7 in an sawng zawk. 2nd quarter-ah an inhnehtawk lehzual a, point thawhchhuah harsat ve vein Nuggets hi point hnihin chungnung zawkah an tang thei hram. Chawlhawk hnu lamah Nuggets an khel tha chhunzawm a, 3rd quarter-ah point hnihin chungnung zawkah an tang leh. 4th quarter-ah Lakers in an kheltha hret a, point an inluh chhawk zak zak hnuin point liin an chungnung zawk a, hun pumah point 6-a chungnung zawkin a vawithum nan hnehna an chang zui leh a ni.

Nuggets an hneh nawn leh tum hian LeBron James a chetha thawkhat a, point 26 a thawkchhuak. Lakers tana chetha ber chu Anthony Davis a ni a, point 34 a thawkchhuak. Nuggets tana chetha ber chu point 32 thawkchhuaktu Jamal Murray a ni ve thung.
NBA Western Conference game ngana ni keini huna Pathianni zing hian khelh chhunzawm leh a ni ang a, LA Lakers hian hnehna an chang a nih chuan NBA final an lut tawh dawn a ni.

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