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Lazio in Anderson la let


Italian Serie A club Lazio chuan an player hlui Felipe Anderson chu Premier League club West Ham atangin an la let leh ta.

Brazilian midfielder Anderson hian kum 2018 khan Lazio atangin London club West Ham United a zawm. Hammers hian Andeson lak luh nan £36m zet an seng a, hetih hun lai hian West Ham United player manto ber a ni. West Ham tan hian inelna vawi 73 a hmachhawn a, goal 12 a thun. Season liam ta khan loan in FC Porto a zawm thung.

Lazio-ah hian kum 2013-2018 chhung khan a lo khel tawh a. Inelna hrang hrangah vawi 177 khel tling in, goal 34 a lo thun tling tawh. A ropuina hmunah a let leh ta a. A chetthat ngei a beiseiawm. Lazio in an lak let lehna zat hi tarlan a ni lo thung.

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