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LC leh VC inthlanah candidate 9567


Aizawl, August 14 : Local Council (LC) leh Village Council (VC) inthlan lo awm tur atan candidate 9567 an awm a, Thawhlehni khan scrutiny zawh fel a ni.

LC hi Aizawl khawpui bik a ni a, bial 83-ah general seat 397 leh reserved seat (hmeichhe pual) 148 awmin, seat awm zawng zawng hi 545 a ni. Seat 545 atan hian candidate 1569 an awm a, general seat-a ding mi 1152 leh hmeichhia 417 an ni.

MNF-in candidate an ngah ber a, general seat atan mi 394 leh hmeichhia 146, an vaiin candidate 540 an nei. Congress party-in general seat atan mi 388 leh hmeichhia 145, an vaiin candidate 533 an nei. ZPM-in general seat-ah mi 321, hmeichhia 113, an vaiin candidate 434 an nei a, MPC-in general seat-ah candidate panga an nei bawk. Independent-a ding tur hmeichhia 13 leh general seat-ah mi 44 an awm bawk.

VC inthlan atan candidate 8007 an awm a, political party pasarih leh independent-a dingte’n an chuh ang.

Registered party-ah PRISM-in candidate an nei lo a, NPP-in candaite pahnih, MPC-in candidate pathum an nei. HPC-in candidate 23 an nei bawk.

NPP hian Kolasib District-ah candidate pahnih an nei a, MPC hian Lunglei District-ah candidate pathum an nei. HPC candidate-te hi Champhai District vek an ni.

VC-ah hian candidate ngah ber MNF chuan mi 2416 an nei a, Congress party-in 2098, ZPM-in mi 1220, BJP-in mi 303 an nei. Independent candidate mi 1942 an awm bawk.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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