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Lengpui Airport atangin mahni intum


Lengpui Airport kaltlanga Mizorama rawn hawte chu hrileng inkaichhawn laka himna atan Lengpui atanga Aizawl panna tur lirthei mahni intum turin sawrkarin a ti nia hriat a ni.

Mizoram mi, hmundang atanga rawn haw leh Mizorama Lengpui Airport atanga rawn lut te chuan tunhnaiah mahnia lirthei neilote chu bus-ah hrileng inkaihhruaina social distancing zawm theih lohin bus-in Aizawl panpui thin an ni tih sawi a ni a. Hmundang atanga an rawn hawnaah fimkhur taka dan an zawm laiin, Lengpui Airport atanga Aizawl an pannaah hnawhkhawm an ni thin chu hri inkaichhawn theihna hnaivai tak nia an hriat thu, hetianga haw thenkhat chuan an sawi a ni.

The Aizawl Post-in a zawhnaah bus-a inhawtir ang hi hri kaichhawn theihna laka him zawk nan tih tawh loa, Lengpui Airport atanga Aizawl pan turte chu mahnia lirthei inngaihtuah tawh turin rel a ni tih thu dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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